PureService forms strategic partnerships with companies that specialize in their trade. Having over 34 years of experience in facility care, Pure has built relationships with companies locally and nationally to ensure exceptional service and quality.

PureService Employees

PureService does not just hire employees; we develop a team through our thorough background checks, competitive compensation and on-going training program. PureService gives every team member the opportunity to be successful.


Each client is assigned to one of our district and regional account managers. Our management team has a vested interest in the success of PureService and its customers through our profit sharing program. Pure believes in rewarding its producers!

Total Facility Care

PureService is a true, total facility care company! We handle everything from janitorial to mechanical. Whether we self perform or utilize our partnerships, we have you covered.

Quality Control & Training

PureService uses a third party certification program to ensure our team receives the best on-going training/certification available. Pure doesn’t just promise quality we prove that we are delivering what you expect through our cloud based Quality Control System. Our system provides the benefits of real-time notifications, and a complete audit trail of our inspections.