Who is PureService?

Having over 25 years of experience in facility care, PureService has built relationships with companies, both locally and nationally, to ensure exceptional service and quality.
The following areas set PureService apart from your typical industrial janitorial service:

  1. We hire competent people. In the janitorial industry, many employees are paid minimum wage and often have “baggage” in their past. Before PureService hires an employee, we perform a thorough background check to ascertain whether the applicant meets our requirements. After the person is hired, he/she receives thorough training in everything from proper cleaning techniques and customer interaction, to personal safety.
  2. Each building we service is audited on a daily basis by the local supervisor. This audit is faxed to our corporate headquarters for review and is cataloged so that any deterioration in service is detected early. Every month, corporate personnel audit our site supervisors. This audit ensures the daily audit we receive from the area supervisor is equal with our high standards.
  3. We manage our business. We know how busy a typical dock, maintenance or large industrial facility manager is. We understand you do not have time to walk around and help us perform “our” job.
  4. We know how to take care of floors. We make concrete floors shine and office floors sparkle. We know how to prevent a restroom floor from looking “grungy.”
  5. We understand your business and how your schedule works. We will coordinate and tailor our cleaning schedule to your specific needs. Many of the facilities we service now are in operation 24 hours a day. In some situations, we have little access to certain areas of the building except for short periods of time. We understand that you can’t stop for us to clean. We instruct our personnel to work around the people that work in your facilities.
  6. We understand the importance of cleaning a restroom. Our restroom cleaning procedures will ensure your standards are met. We clean and sanitize a restroom by eliminating odor at the source, not covering it up with perfumed chemicals. We will schedule your restroom cleaning with such frequency that they will always look and smell clean.